We're Live! 🎙️🔴 Episode 1: Why an eCommerce Podcast?

We made it — we've finally delivered our first episode 📦
Join us as we dive into the "why" behind creating a podcast. As partnerships folks in similar roles in the shipping and logistics space, we're here to ship talk about everything in the ecommerce space. 🪐
Better than the why, we should also probably share the who:
Caitlin has worked in tech and ecommerce for most of her career — growing up at companies like Shopify and Apple, she knows the transformative power technology can have on our lives and is a huge advocate for ways it can bring us closer together. Outside of career, she’s a spin instructor, world traveller, and cat mom. 

Danna believes in the power of community, knowledge sharing, and co-creation both in her personal life and professional life. That is why she's in Partnerships! Outside of work, Danna is a musician, dog mom, and a camper van enthusiast!
We hope you enjoy our first episode — subscribe and share with us what more you want to hear! See you at ShopTalk 👋

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